Thursday, May 24, 2012

McDonald's McCafe: Cherry Berry Chiller [Review]
It seems that every time you turn around McDonald's seems to be introducing a new blended beverage to quench the mass' undying thirst.  This summer is no different, with the Cherry Berry Chiller out now to cure those summer time heat strokes.  Last year gave us the rather enjoyable Frozen Strawberry Lemonade that was very akin to a Slurpee from 7/Eleven.  While that frozen dream was highly artificial and lacked any basic nutritional factor, the Cherry Berry chiller claims to have 100% fruit juice twisted right in.  So despite the fact that McDonald's probably could have taken massive shortcuts and High Fructose Corn Syruped the crap out of this drink, they took the honorable route.

Upon further investigation on the McDonald's site, the Cherry Berry Chiller consists of ice and "Cherry Berry Flavored Juice Blend" which sounds way too complicated to for it to actually be juice.  Divulging deeper into the murky lair it seems as though this mysterious blend does indeed have Apple, Grape, and Raspberry juice concentrate as well as cherry puree.  While not fresh out of your local grocer's produce section, this will certainly do for a fast food freeze.

With the beverage in a smooth frozen blend, I sipped deep down and was filled with a vibrant tangy tongue lashing.  Lots of different flavors collaborate here and form a much greater rapport than any Big 3 in the NBA.  There's no harsh after tones like a lemonade would convey and the flavor is actually something fairly unique and uncharted.

I suspect that this beverage is really the Triple Berry Smoothies younger sister, just lacking the yogurt and all of the unnecessary seeds that drink provides.  I'm giving the Cherry Berry Chiller a 3 star rating.  Definitely a Summer go-to.

Cherry Berry Chiller: 3/5 


frank furter said...

hi my name is frank and i am wondering why this is a 3/5 considering all you said was good things???

i only ask because i liked it a lot thanks have a great day

Anonymous said...

3 out of 5? I can only assume you meant 3000 out of 5, otherwise you don't deserve to live.

frank furter said...

yes thank you anonymous a bit extreme in the consequences department but i agree with your general point

- frank furter

Ashley, In Texas said...

I for one was very disappointed in the Cherry Berry Chiller. For one you cant even taste any Cherry so they need to take that off the title. Second If i wanted to drink frozen apple juice than i wouldnt come to Micky D's and pay 2 bucks for it. I wouldnt even give it a 3.

frank furter said...


i truly believe you are a complete moron.

i hope you have a great day!


frank furter.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a whole year later but Frank's serious outrage over this beverage is tickling my funny bone in a serious way.